We need your help

There’s more than one way that you can help. Whether you are looking to raise funds by running an event, or whether you would like to donate, we are always looking for support.

Volunteer Team

Run a Fundraiser

If you have an idea to raise funds and would like to do so in order to support our causes, we would be eternally grateful.

Let us know and we can help in any way we can and make sure that we let as many people know as possible.


Volunteer your time

If you would like to help in ways other than fund raising, please contact us and let us know how you can help.

We are determined to raise as much awareness of DIPG as possible, whilst supporting families and children, and so any help will be appreciated!


Corporate Partners

We would love to hear from businesses who feel that they can support us on this journey.  Whether that is internal fundraising, or through raising awareness to a wider community, let us know.

We would also like to talk to businesses who are open to helping us run events in the future.



It is key that we continue to raise funds to allow us to support others during their DIPG journey.  Funds raised will be used to support research in to treatment, as well as to provide a little joy to the children who are going through their DIPG journey.

For more information on ways to donate, follow the link below.